Tilray CBD Cost in NZ - How to Save 50% on Your Next CBD Prescription

Tilray from you pharmacy will cost approximately:

CBD 25mg - $200 / bottle

CBD 100mg - $460 / bottle

In this article, I will show you how to drop that price in half. You do this by:

  1. Ordering it through your GP

  2. Ordering 3 months worth

  3. Ordering the 100mg CBD bottle and not the 25mg

As you may very well know, CBD is a prescription “medication” that is legally available in NZ. However, in order for you to obtain CBD, your biggest hurdle is going to be access and affordability. But did you know you can save a lot of money if you do it the right way? In this article, I will show you how you can save at least 50% in purchasing locally and even more potentially if you import. This is through my experience with patients. Read on.

PS did you know that at the Cannabis clinic, we also use products from overseas, which are more affordable. Contact us to find out more.

The process of getting CBD oil in NZ

In accessing CBD, you will find 2 main obstacles in your path:

  1. Finding a GP that is willing to prescribe

  2. Sourcing a product at a reasonable and affordable price

In this post, we will discuss the sourcing part of it and how to save money and reduce the financial burden of using CBD. We will also discuss ideas and ways to enable you to have a more productive consultation with your GP and increase the chances of getting a script for CBD easily and quickly.


There are several different options you have here. Firstly, in order for you to source CBD, you must obtain a script from a medical doctor for it. Obtaining it online or via other means, while possible, is illegal and the last thing you want to face is your product being held up in customs or getting into trouble with the law by importing without a prescription.

In order for you to obtain a script, you must decide where you will source your CBD from. Your doctor will most likely have no information to assist you, so in order to increase your chances of obtaining the prescription easily and from the first time, make sure you understand the steps discussed below and know how the process works in detail. You will be the one educating your doctor.

Deciding: importing or using a locally available product?

Local Product

The next step is deciding if you will use a local product or import a product. From the local point of view, the main supplier in the country is Tilray. This Canadian company makes several CBD and THC products. In terms of CBD, they have at present:

  • CBD 25mg per serve in 25ml bottles = 625mg CBD / bottle

  • CBD 100mg per serve in 25ml bottles = 2500mg CBD / bottle

Quite recently, the prices of Tilray products have reduced considerably. This is great news for anyone using CBD regularly.

Ordering through the pharmacy a supply of 1 bottle will likely look like this cost wise (as of the most recent price updates):

  • Tilray CBD 25mg - $200 / bottle = $8 per 25mg dose

  • Tilray CBD 100mg - $460 / bottle = $4.60 per 25mg dose

As you can see, if you can afford the initial cost of the 100mg bottle, you will be well on your way of saving money by using a smaller volume of CBD.

The other approach to take is for you or your doctor to order from Tilray directly. This will save you a 30% markup from the pharmacy (if not more!). Contact us if you need the details on this as we have been advised not to share it publicly.

Furthermore, to save on cost even further, you can purchase a 3 months supply of CBD instead of 1 bottle at a time. This will save you on the shipping cost and also mean less paperwork. 3 months is the maximum legal prescription in NZ for CBD. Doing the above 2 steps (you or your doctor ordering it and a 3 months supply) will make the costs breakdown look like this:

  • Tilray CBD 25mg - $135 / bottle = $4.50 per 25mg serving

  • Tilray CBD 100mg - $336 / bottle = $3.36 per 25mg serving

That is a saving of 58%! (from $8 per 25mg dose to $3.36 per 25mg dose)

Direct Ordering Through your doctor

The process is quite straightforward. Once your GP does it once, he/she can do it for you with ease. Ofcourse, this will require you to have a GP who is willing to listen and go a little out of their way to help you. The extra effort and time it takes to make this happen is worthwhile because it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Because of the extra effort and time it will take your GP, we suggest the following to make it easier:

  1. Taking with you an information pack that provides your GP all the medical information they need about CBD to make the script possible. Download it from us here.

  2. Taking with you a copy of an informed consent form. CBD is an unapproved medication and legally, any unapproved medicine use requires that the patient fill out an informed consent form stating that they understand that (all unapproved medicines fall under section 29 of the Medicines Control Act). Download a copy of the consent form here. This is to protect both the patient and the doctor legally.

  3. Provide your doctor all the paperwork in printed version or offer to email it to them. This will save them having to make contact and getting the required documentation. Please contact us if you need help with this.

  4. Booking a double consultation slot allow you to discuss using CBD in sufficient detail, allowing your doctor to read the information pack, discuss concerns both ways and make a shared plan

  5. Limiting your consultation to only discussing CBD and not any other issues

Sourcing Overseas

Your other alternative is to source CBD online, and you can legally do so as long as you have a script from your GP for it and the source country can send it legally. If NZ customs stops the shipment, you can produce your script to them and they must release it. However, make sure you do your research here to make sure what you are buying is genuine and legal. This is what you need to watch out for:

  1. Certificate of Analysis (COA) - if your shipment gets stopped, you must satisfy the Ministry of Health that your product contains at least 98% (of the total cannabinoid content) CBD. This is regardless of the potency of the solution. For example, if the bottle you have purchased contains a total of 100mg of full spectrum cannabinoids, at least 98% or 98mg must be CBD. The other 2% can be THC or any other cannabinoid. The way to prove this is by making sure the supplier has a certificate of analysis for their product. These must contain third party lab testing of the product to verify the stated content and potency. It must also contain a batch number or another form of reference that links the COA to the product on hand.

  2. Legality - you need to ensure that the exporting country legally allows the supplier to send you CBD. My recommendation in this regard to play it as safe as possible is to ensure you are importing products with a THC content of less than 0.3% as this legally classifies it as a Hemp product (see our article about Hemp, Marijuana and Cannabis). Internationally, the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs limits the distribution of controlled narcotic drugs but it does not identify Hemp as part of the convention. Otherwise, importing products with more than 0.3% THC may mean your supplier needs to have an export licence to make it a legal export. Please make sure you check with your supplier about the legality of the shipment

We hope you have found this article useful. Please inform us should you have any suggestions you feel would help others reading this.

If you are having difficulty obtaining medicinal Cannabis products, feel free to book in your consultation with the Cannabis clinic. We employ the above techniques to reduce the cost for you.