Dani - Used CBD Oil for Pain

Meet Dani

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain,& Endometriosis

Before medicinal cannabis, Dani couldn’t hold a pen or pick up her 3 year old son as it hurt too much. She was on and off prescription drugs which caused side effects. Now, she is running her own stuffed toy business, enjoying arts and crafts with her hands but most importantly, is able to play with her son and be a mother.

After using voltaren, codeine and gabapentin on and off to manage her pain, Dani had enough of pharmaceutical chemicals in her body. “I was having side effects and would be unable to function after taking the medications” says Dani.

Frustrated, she turned to CBD oil. “The results were amazing”

Overcoming Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia & Endometriosis.

“I can finally move my hands to play with my son”.

How CBD oil and medicinal cannabis has allowed Dani to be a mother again

Since the age of 14, Dani has had issues with chronic pain. “I have always had very painful periods as I grew up. This continued for years until I was diagnosed with endometriosis when a camera was put inside my stomach to have a look” says Dani. From that time on, pain has been a constant element in her life.

Over the years, Dani started to develop more pain, but this time all over her body, from her wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles”. She did not know what this meant and was naturally worried. After consulting with her GP and going through various tests, everything came back normal.

“It was only at this stage that my doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia”.

Using medicinal cannabis and CBD oil, Dani can finally enjoy being playing and carrying her 3 year old son, something she could not do before without significant pain

Fibromyalgia is a condition which causes widespread pain over the entire body. More common in females, it is also associated with fatigue, difficulty getting restful sleep, anxiety, depression and the so called “fibro fog”. “I couldn’t concentrate and had very little energy, the lack of concentration is really debilitating”.In New Zealand, about 1 in 50 people will develop these symptoms at a point in their life and the cause is unknown but thought to involve issues in the complicated process of pain signaling from the brain.

There is no treatment for fibromyalgia. Patients are given pain relief and encouraged to get regular exercise, sleep, relaxation techniques and sometimes the use of anti-depressants.

Dani - Used CBD Oil for Pain
Dani sharing her benefit with medicinal cannabis, Anzac Avenue, August 2020

Dani decided to talk to a GP about CBD oil. “He said that I needed to reach a point of accepting that my pain isn’t going to get better and that nothing I take will be able to relieve my pain. He had tried to prescribe gabapentin to me in the past which I am allergic to and only mildly relieves pain in 5% of people with fibromyalgia who take it. Yet refused to prescribe CBD oil”.

“I was really upset when the appointment was over I was in tears. Jamie (husband) found Cannabis Clinic through a Google search and booked me an appointment while I was bawling my eyes out. The next week I had a video appointment with a doctor who told me that I was a good patient for CBD oil based on my medical history and and chronic pain. Two days later I received my CBD oil in the post”.

Dani consulted with the Cannabis Clinic in April 2020 and commenced her journey with medicinal cannabis. “I was initially very worried about what effect it would have on my cognitive function and that I would be high” says Dani. After consulting, she was quick to learn that CBD oil does not cause a high and sometimes actually promotes the ability to focus and concentrate.


“It has been amazing. I can finally hold a pen, hold a needle and be able to carry and play with my son! My mind is clearer and my memory is sharper. My sleep is also deep and refreshing and I can get to sleep within 30 minutes, rather than hours.” – Dani


“I can now write and hand sew and do so many other normal things that used to be really painful for me with no pain in my hands. I feel more motivated like I can actually do things again it’s amazing the function that I have gotten back!”

“I am a full time mum so being able to think clearer and being able to do these simple things means a lot to me, I can actually start living my life again” says Dani. Since starting CBD oil, there was no looking back. Dani was able to start spending more time on her sustainable stuffed toys business without having to worry about the pain associated with it. She has even just finished helping her husband install a new shower at home, an achievement she would not have thought possible prior to CBD oil.

Having experienced the benefits, Dani is now very open and comfortable talking about her medicinal cannabis use. “Some people are a little surprised that I use medicinal cannabis. But I explain to them that even opioids are originally from the opium plant and they generally understand. It is better than feeling drugged with other medications!”.

“The main downside is the cost but I adjust my budgeting around it, I just have to”.


“I would recommend it to anyone experiencing chronic pain, it has really helped me”


The team at the Cannabis Clinic wishes Dani the best in her journey with medicinal cannabis. If you suffer from chronic pain, medicinal cannabis may be a good option for you and we invite you for a confidential consultation.

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