Meet Fergus

Autism and Global Developmental Delay

At three years old, Fergus Hood was diagnosed with moderate autism, global developmental delay and anxiety. Though a gentle boy, Fergus has difficulty in communicating emotion and interacting with people which can often result in tantrums and screaming. This is due to a delay in cognitive development. Not understanding why he had to stay inside his house for months on end made it a particularly stressful time for Fergus during the Covid 19 pandemic.

During this time, Jason Hood; Fergus’ father and ex-police officer, had a chance to properly research medicinal cannabis and the affects it may have on his son’s autism. While not expecting any miracles to happen, the family decided to try medicinal cannabis…

After one week, improvements had already begun to show. Better communication, less anxiety and more words started to become the norm, as did a different, cheekier side of Fergus. Initiating a hug with his Grandad, something that had never happened before, was a big milestone and showed Fergus was better expressing emotion.

For Fergus, medicinal cannabis has been a small tool in helping him make connections in his little head to help understand the big, sometimes scary world. Fergus continuing his medicinal cannabis journey is something Jason has no concerns about whatsoever!

Disclaimer: The video and story above are for educational purposes only, and are not an inducement to use medicinal cannabis, nor promote the Cannabis Clinic. Medicinal cannabis does not work for everyone, and it may not work for you.