Meet Karen

Chronic Pain and Multiple Sclerosis

Karen has Multiple sclerosis; a disease where the the immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves, resulting in a breakdown in communication between the brain and body. For Karen, she feels deep burning pain particularly in her legs which more or less cripples her until it eases.

Diagnosed in 2006, Karen was told she would be wheelchair bound in 3 years. Her Doctor prescribed large doses of opioids to combat pain but Karen hated the side effects of the drug and became suicidal. Battling an auto-immune disease is exhausting for anyone, but made much harder for Karen who also suffers from insomnia and often gets as little as 3 hours sleep a night.

Karen researched natural alternatives to opioids and talked with her Doctor about getting a prescription for Medicinal cannabis. The Doctor was hesitant and confessed he and his colleagues knew very little about using cannabis medicinally and suggested she drink alcohol to treat her disease. Disheartened, Karen decided to take measures into her own hands by picking up the phone.

For 15 years Karen had been on 40mg of opioids daily. After only months taking Medicinal cannabis, she has reduced that amount to 5mg! Better yet, Karen is confident she can reduce her opioid amount to nil! Karen now sleeps 6 hours a night, doubling what she used to get and giving her energy to do things which in turn makes her feel better about herself.

Having been told she would be confined to a wheelchair, Karen is still very much upright, all while feeling particularly upbeat. It seems that the only way is up indeed. All thanks to medicinal cannabis.

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Disclaimer: The video and story above are for educational purposes only, and are not an inducement to use medicinal cannabis, nor promote the Cannabis Clinic. Medicinal cannabis does not work for everyone, and it may not work for you.