Meet Liz


Liz, originally from the UK, was a school teacher living in Christchurch until her life, like so many others, changed forever after the tragic earthquakes in 2011. They destroyed her home, school and nearly her whole life as she started suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Looking for a fresh start, Liz and her children moved to Northland, hoping for better fortune. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and a bad accident landed her in hospital with an agonising back injury, unable to properly walk. Negligent hospital staff played down the fall, suggesting she was overreacting due to the PTSD and fed her morphine, which kept Liz quiet and groggy. Liz had to plead with the doctors to look into her injury further and an eventual CT scan revealed she had several splattered vertebral discs in her spine.

Unable to walk, Liz now had to be cared for by her teenaged kids. She was prescribed high doses of a variety of pharmaceutical medications, supposed to be helping with pain but unfortunately the side effects of these pills made her suicidal.

Having lost herself in this process, Liz opted for a new, natural approach to cope with her pain and tried medicinal cannabis as soon as it became legal. Though initially scared to try it due to years of public misinformation, she quickly learnt the effects were quite the opposite! Liz experienced less pain, less anxiety and the urge to get up and exercise – something she has never done!

Fascinated by these results, Liz has proceeded to educate herself more. She has completed a University course, studying medical cannabis and is in the process of writing a book. It’s safe to say that medicinal cannabis has been life changing for Liz. All she had to do was try it!

Ready to start your journey?

Disclaimer: The video and story above are for educational purposes only, and are not an inducement to use medicinal cannabis, nor promote the Cannabis Clinic. Medicinal cannabis does not work for everyone, and it may not work for you.