Meet James

Chronic Pain

Margaret Shelley had a bad fall in her garden which left her with chronic back pain. Unfortunately  due to her age, this deteriorated into Osteoarthritis. Osteo is the most common form of arthritis,  mostly affecting older people and occurs when tissue at the end of bones wears down, causing  chronic pain and swelling. This meant Margaret was constantly in pain, constantly trying to ease  it. 

Margaret’s doctor told her there wasn’t much to be done as her condition was related to old age  so she was prescribed painkillers and told to grit her teeth. When the pain was at its worst, a  typical day for Margaret would consist of getting out of bed and sitting in her arm chair, too sore  to do anything more.  

After a recommendation from a friend, Margaret sought help in the form of Medicinal cannabis, a  natural alternative to help with her pain. The results; she simply could not believe! Now, a day for  Margaret often starts with a walk to the pools where she does laps before heading back home  and playing the ukulele; her newfound hobby. She also playing bowls again and travels to other  retirement homes weekly for a game.  

While Margaret understands medicinal cannabis isn’t a cure, it’s reduced her pain so much that  she feels like she has her life back again. As long as she remembers to take it, nothing’s stopping  her!