Rachel has lived with anxiety since she was a teenager and has always had trouble sleeping. Rachel’s medicinal cannabis journey has enabled her to live a better life.

Billboard on Anzac Avenue, Auckland with Rachel’s story – July 2020.

Anxiety has been with Rachel for more than 20 years since she was a teenager. She has tried multiple medications over the years alongside counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and practising mindfulness. These treatments would help, but would not be sufficient for her to live her life to the fullest.

“It would be up and down, I would get periods of extreme anxiety then it would settle then it would come back, with episodes of panic attacks” says Rachel.

A lot of Rachel’s anxiety was from panic attacks. “They would come from multiple sources, like being in social situations or at heights”.

While multitasking as a busy mum, selling her home, and studying early childhood education, she found it increasingly difficult to manage. It was at this point that Rachel contacted the Cannabis Clinic and started on her journey with medicinal cannabis. “I was skeptical at first but my husband encouraged me and he has been a big supporter of medicinal cannabis”.

“It was amazing, it seemed to take the edge off and I felt so much better. It is hard to explain how that feels. It feels like I am able to live life!”


“It has helped me in so many ways, where do I start, from my relationship to my husband through to my social interaction and studies, it has been so helpful”. Rachel is also using a spray at night time to help with sleep “which has been really good to help me fall asleep”.

Rachel continues on her journey with medicinal cannabis and the team at the Cannabis Clinic wishes her the best on her journey to a better life. Thanks for sharing your story with us Rachel.