If you have an existing WINZ disability allowance, or existing ACC cover, and you are considering applying for extra funding for medicinal cannabis, please find below all the latest information and learn if cannabis is covered by your insurance.

ACC Applications

Since the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme began in April 2020, unfortunately only a handful of applications for additional funding for medicinal cannabis via ACC have been approved, and only then through a complicated independent review process

If you do wish to apply for additional ACC funding for medicinal cannabis please contact us for advice.


Work and Income Applications

We recommend that you follow the process below for the best chance of success for your application:

  • You must already be receiving a Disability Allowance. If you don’t currently receive a Disability Allowance, please apply via your GP.
  • If you already receive a Disability Allowance, please communicate with your case worker to determine their requirements. 
  • We can provide you with a covering letter, a summary of evidence, and a completed WINZ S22 Medical Certificate – reimbursement of additional costs arising from a disability.
  • Make sure you include all paid invoices, covering letter, summary of evidence, and completed form to WINZ for the best chance of success.
  • Remember, we cannot guarantee approval from WINZ. It is up to your case worker and WINZ to make the final decision regarding your application.
  • Please contact us for further advice.

Private Medical Insurance

You may be able to have your treatment plan funded by your private medical insurance provider. We are not directly affiliated, so you will need to communicate directly with your private insurance company in the first instance to determine whether your particular plan covers medicinal cannabis GP and specialist consultations and/or prescription medicines.