If you have an existing ACC or WINZ case or application and require extra funding for medicinal cannabis, we are able to help you fill in these forms.

ACC Applications – $20

For the fee above, we are able to complete your ACC form section C for application of approval for unapproved medicines (section 29). This includes an evidence summary sheet also.

We cannot guarantee approval from ACC. It is up to your case manager and ACC to make the final decision regarding this.

WINZ / Disability Forms – $20

We are able to fill out the Disability Certificate (S22) to enable you to apply for support in affording medicinal cannabis consultations and products.

We cannot guarantee funding as this is up to the service to decide.

Private Medical Insurance

You may be able to have your treatment plan funded by your private medical insurance provider. While we do not currently have affiliation (in process), you are able to personally apply to your provider for funding, which has been covered in the past for some of our patients.