Welcome to the Cannabis Clinic.

We want to empower all New Zealanders to achieve better health and wellness with medicinal cannabis.

For many of our patients, this may be the first time they have even discussed using medicinal cannabis. We walk every step of the journey with you from consulting, providing you with suitable products, following up, keeping in regular contact, and sharing stories.

Founded in 2018, we have consulted with thousands of Kiwis across the country – from children to palliative care patients. Our team consists of friendly and experienced doctors, nurses, and administration staff to ensure you get the best care possible at the most affordable price.

All our staff are registered with the Medical Council of New Zealand or the Nursing Council of New Zealand.
Our staff belong to the following Royal New Zealand Colleges: General Practice, Psychiatry, Anaesthesia and Urgent Care

We are the experts in medicinal cannabis in Aotearoa and we look forward to being able to help you on your journey to a better life.

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Dr Waseem Alzaher

BSc, MBChB (Otago)

CEO | Doctor

“I have been practising medicine for the past 7 years and completed my training at Otago. I am a believer in using natural products, mindfulness and the power of a healthy lifestyle. Medicinal cannabis has a profound ability to change lives and I have seen this first hand. I thoroughly enjoy communicating with every patient in the clinic and supporting them in their journey. When not consulting here, I am busy with my wife and 2 young boys or enjoying a good workout”

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Dr Anne Craig

BhB, MbChB, Dip Paeds, FANZCA

Doctor | Specialist & Anaesthetist

“I graduated from Auckland Medical School in 1998 and became a fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists in 2006. I have practiced anaesthesia for over 20 years. I became interested in Medicinal Cannabis after witnessing how it has helped many people with chronic health conditions. When I’m not practicing medicine, I enjoy spending time with my two boys and practicing the ancient arts of yoga and meditation.”

Dr Ali Coleman

MBChB (Auckland), BSc
Doctor | Psychiatry Registrar

“I graduated from Auckland Medical School four years ago and have since become a Registrar in Psychiatry. As a doctor my main interests lie in mental health and the holistic treatment of illness and suffering. Outside of medicine I enjoy exercise, running, yoga and spending time with my 7 year old son and our wider Whānau”

Dr Daniela Reyes

MBChB (Otago)

Doctor | GP

“Originally from Chile with roots also from Peru, my passion for natural medicine started when I began to understand more about my heritage. I am currently training in General Practice having completed my Medical degree in Auckland in 2014. I believe plants hold unbelievable healing properties that when combined with self-healing techniques such as yoga, mediation and a nutritious diet of mostly plant-based foods, we can enter into a state of full wellbeing and happiness. In my spare time I enjoy bush walks, identifying native plants, gardening, beekeeping, learning herbal medicine and practicing yoga and meditation”

Dr Mike Foster

MBBS (London)

Doctor | GP

“I trained in St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School London 55 years ago, and after five years working as a GP in a fishing village in Newfoundland, Canada, I emigrated to New Zealand in 1974 and worked as a GP in Christchurch. In 2008 I moved to Auckland for family reasons and I worked at the Holistic Medical Centre where I learned and practiced an Integrative / Holistic style of medicine. I had always been looking for alternative ways to practice Medicine and felt more comfortable integrating orthodox medicine with nutrition, stress reduction, exercise, appropriate supplements etc. For the last ten years I worked at Integrated Health Options which was mainly an Intravenous Vitamin C and chelation clinic where we looked after many cancer patients as well as patients with complex medical problems which were not easily treated by orthodox practitioners. During my time working at IHO I saw many patients who had used cannabis with remarkable benefits. I love walking in the New Zealand Bush, and sport, especially soccer and cricket, but have been forced into watching and coming to love rugby since coming to New Zealand.”

Dr Monica MacRae

MBChB (Auckland)

Doctor | Psychiatry Registrar

“I am a Psychiatry Registrar that graduated from Auckland Medical School in 2013. I currently spend half my time working around the North Island and living on Great Barrier Island with my whanau. I have a passionate interest in the art of healing that stems from both my professional life as a doctor, but also a personal journey with a complex autoimmune condition. My own healing journey has lead me away from conventional medicine towards more holistic, natural, psychological and spiritual methods of healing. I am dedicated to doing what I can to help support others move towards a thriving, healthy life”

Dr Clare Halford

MBchB, Dip Paeds
Doctor | GP

“Since graduating from Liverpool, UK as a doctor in 1997, I have worked in Emergency Medicine for the past 17 years. Alongside my hospital practice, I’ve developed a strong interest in nutritional and plant medicine and have also qualified as a Qigong teacher and healer. In addition, as a digital artist and writer, I absolutely love translating complex medical information into fun, illustrated, bite-sized pieces.

I consider Medicinal Cannabis to be a sacred and wonderful plant that can help people to achieve balance and relief on many levels. It gives me great satisfaction and happiness to facilitate its safe and effective use in those who need it.”


Ben Whitson

B.Sc (Nursing)

Clinical Lead / Cannabis Nurse

“Kia ora! I graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health sciences (nursing) in 2017 & have since been working as a Registered Nurse in a major DHB. I am someone with a range of complex autoimmune conditions. I understand first-hand how difficult it can be to live with chronic health conditions, and the implications they can have on quality of life. I believe that Medicinal Cannabis can play a significant role in helping people reclaim their health and overall sense of wellness. In my spare time, I enjoy cannabinoid research, learning Rongoā Māori, meditation, gardening (especially growing my own produce) and road trips around Aotearoa.”

Maxine Anderson


Cannabis Nurse

“I graduated from University of Auckland at the end of 2016 with a Bachelor in Nursing. I have loved nursing in the community for the past 4 years. I believe there is significant benefit in natural therapies and holistic healing for people with chronic conditions and for promoting wellbeing in general. As someone with chronic illness myself, I understand the challenges this can present in all aspects of life. I am a strong advocate for people to have access and compassionate support in using Medicinal Cannabis to alleviate their suffering. In my spare time I like to knit, connect with nature and spend time with my family and friends.”

Shirley Mills

IIN Health Coach, NZCF Personal Trainer, Dip RCM

Clinic Administrator

“I’ve always loved helping people with their health which makes working at The Cannabis Clinic a great fit for me. With a background in fitness and a passion for plant based eating, I have had the opportunity to work and learn from many amazing people. I love spending time outside, being active, creating delicious meals and raw treats, and enjoying time with my four adult kids.”

Jobelle Lara


Accounts & Clinic Administrator

“I enjoy being able to take part in an industry which has the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of people. My goal in life is to help others and I want to be the person to fill that role to whoever needs it. I wholeheartedly believe that proper education and guidance on the safe use of cannabis will help people who need this medication lead a happier and healthier life. On a personal note, I enjoy cooking during my spare moments, enjoy drinking black coffee, playing with my three adorable cats and most importantly right now, trying to get myself physically fit and healthy”

Lisa Peterson


Managing Director

“I love being able to support our patients through their health challenges – it’s a privilege to play a small part in their health journey. After deciding town planning wasn’t for me, my passion for the last 10 or so years has been running my own small businesses in the natural health space. In my spare time I enjoy good coffee, reading books, and binge-watching TV.”