The Cannabis Clinic’s Dr. Waseem Alzaher on Medical Cannabis – Duncan Garner Podcast, April 22, 2024

4 years on from the legalisation of medicinal marijuana, Duncan talks to Dr. Waseem Alzaher about New Zealand’s policy on cannabis policy and availability. Listen here.

CBD oil as a natural treatment for endometriosis pain relief – bFM, March 26, 2024

Producer Sofia Roger Williams spoke to the CEO and Co-founder of the Cannabis Clinic, Dr. Waseem Alzaher, about the effectiveness of existing treatments and the use of cannabis to relieve pain. Listen here.

The Small Business Project: Business booming for medicinal cannabis – The Post, March 18, 2024

Auckland-based medicinal cannabis company Cannabis Clinic says there’s been massive growth in the industry since it was legalised in 2020 – and there is a billion-dollar opportunity for further growth in a market like New Zealand. Read more here.

Takapuna leads the way in cannabis trade – Rangitoto Observer, 28 September 2023

Takapuna has been revealed as the ‘cannabis capital’ of New Zealand, due to the success of a local clinic specialising in medicinal uses of cannabis and a nearby partner pharmacy which is distributing prescriptions nationwide. Read more here.

Medicinal cannabis clinic sees increasing demand for pain and stress issues – Stuff, 25 September 2023

The Cannabis Clinic in Richmond has been open just over a week but lead doctor William Parkyn said they have been fully booked so far and there is a waitlist to see one of the three doctors on site. Read more here.

It’s been legal for years, but medicinal cannabis users are still being penalised
– The Spinoff, 29 August 2023

People who use medicinal cannabis in New Zealand are not seeking to get high, but they’re facing repercussions from police and their employers. It’s time the law caught up, argues Clare Halford, a doctor who prescribes it.
Read more here.

Regions First Dedicated Cannabis Clinic – Nelson Weekly, 9 August 2023

Increased demand for medicinal cannabis has seen the opening of a dedicated prescription clinic in Richmond. Lead doctor at the clinic, William Parkyn, says they are already seeing 250 patients in the Nelson Tasman region online, with a 57% growth in patient numbers in the last six months. Read more here.

New Zealand’s medical cannabis industry to benefit from amended regulations, July 2023

New Zealand’s Medicinal Cannabis Agency has received approval to make a number of changes to the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme. These changes involve amending regulations to better support economic and research opportunities for the medicinal cannabis industry.
Read more here.

Breaking the Cannabis Stigma – The Marlborough Sun, July 2023

“The Cannabis Clinic had a stall at the Marlborough Home & Garden Show at the weekend. Chris Valli met and spoke with Business Development Manager Lisa Gadsby about the medicinal and holistic benefits of cannabis as a plant based medicine.” Read the full article here.

I Was in Constant Pain Until I Tried Medicinal Cannabis: An Endometriosis Sufferer’s Story of Becoming her Own Advocate – Capsule NZ, July 2023 

Can medicinal cannabis be the answer to stubborn, chronic pain? The founder of Endo Warriors Aotearoa says it was a “total game-changer” for her. Dr Clare Halford explains why. Read the full article here.

Research Suggests CBD Oil May Enhance Effects of THC – Woman+ article, June 2023

Dr Clare Halford offers Woman+ her insight and wisdom on the use of medicinal cannabis and her dissatisfaction with New Zealand’s healthcare system.
Read the full article here.


NewsTalkZB radio interview with Dr Waseem Alzaher – June 2023


A Haze of Hope – Verve Magazine, August 2023

Since opening in 2018, The Cannabis Clinic has consulted with more than 20,000 New Zealanders, including children and patients in palliative care.

Over 75,000 medicinal cannabis prescriptions issued since scheme launched – NewsTalkZB article, June 2023

Dr Waseem advises there’s been an uptick in people coming from illegal to legal cannabis as prices reduce.

Career change for NZ Hempress founder Lisa Gadsby – NZ Herald Article, June 2023

NZ Hempress NZ founder Lisa Gadsby is embarking on a new phase in medicinal cannabis as the Cannabis Clinic’s new Business Development Manager.

Dr Clare says ‘conservative mindset’ needs to change – Stuff Article, May 2023

Two medicinal cannabis patients say they’ve been told they can’t take the legally prescribed medication at work, despite the strain being non-psychoactive.

Man’s medicinal cannabis finally returned after police stop – Stuff Article, May 2023

The man who had his prescription cannabis medication taken by police has finally had it returned – 11 days after it was confiscated.

Hawke’s Bay Cannabis Clinic room opens in Havelock North, doctor surprised at demand for prescriptions – NZ Herald, April 2023

Hawke’s Bay Cannabis Clinic opens in Havelock North, doctor surprised at demand for prescriptions

Patrick Gower: On All The Drugs takes on drug reform in NZ – NZ Herald, Dec 2022

His journey takes him from watching young people snort MDMA at a house party to our Clinic where he’s prescribed legal medicinal cannabis.

Ministry of Health approves homegrown cannabis to be turned into medicine for Kiwi patients – Newshub, Sept 2022

From today, New Zealand-grown medicinal cannabis can be prescribed here for the first time.

Q and A with Dr Clare Halford, a Medical Cannabis Doctor, and Ben Whitson, a Cannabis Specialist Nurse.

It’s your favourite duo, from the one and only Cannabis Clinic. And we’re LIVE here from midday today until around 4pm to answer any and all questions you may have about the green stuff!

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Dr Waseem Alzaher of Cannabis Clinic is asked on his thoughts on the government’s latest pledge of 13 million dollars to be invested in a medicinal cannabis development company.

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