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If you suffer from a chronic health condition, or have symptoms which don’t improve with conventional medication, medicinal cannabis could be a great option. We’ll work with you to prescribe an effective treatment plan that best alleviates your symptoms and improves your health. All our friendly and trained doctors know, and believe in, medicinal cannabis.

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What is your medical condition?

We have consulted with hundreds of New Zealanders about a wide range of medical conditions and symptoms. These are the most common, but it is not an exhaustive list. Don’t worry if your condition is not listed, as we still may be able to help.

Will it work?
Real stories. Real Kiwis.

“I’m feeling much better now, and I believe the CBD oil has definitely helped me with my sleep. Within a couple of weeks of using it I had gone from no sleep at all (without sleeping pills) to getting several hours a night by myself, and now I’m definitely almost sleeping through the night.  So I’m very happy about that.”

VM , Auckland

“I am noticing a good effect. When I take it my panic attacks begin to subside, I am able to focus and complete every day tasks from house work to raising my 4 kids. If I take it prior to going to a supermarket I’m able to go in and not have a panic attack. It helps me feel normal and not impaired like other medications.”

SP , Wellington

“Definitely sleeping more deeply and waking up more energized. And a little more chilled too considering the world we are in.”

JW , Darfield

“The CBD oil has been really good for soothing my anxiety, especially after about 2 weeks of taking it regularly.”

AH, Hastings

“I am starting to notice subtle changes in my moods/anxiety and the way I approach/deal with certain situations. My approach seems calmer. My husband has noticed we are bickering far less than we were over minuscule things.”

ES , Auckland

“It is starting to work, I do feel a lot calmer. Not as much pain.”

DH , New Plymouth

“I have had about 80% success with pain relief from the cbd oil so am really thrilled with the results.”

RE, Auckland

“She is able to get around without using her walking stick most of the time now. It has helped with her overall body pain as well as sharp neuropathic pain and nausea. I am so grateful as her mother to see her be able to start participating in life again. I can not even express how wonderful it is to see her able to join her family and friends in activities and be passionate about her art.”

TM, Coromandel

“My symptoms were restless leg syndrome (nerves going off in my legs when I go to bed) from my knee replacement/s. From day one it has gone and I’m no longer having to take Tramadol and Gabapentin at night.”

JP, Auckland

Become a Patient

The Cannabis Clinic will guide your entire journey, from the first consultation, to follow ups, and repeat medication prescriptions. Start by providing some basic health information, followed by a confidential consultation with us. Your specialist doctor will then recommend a treatment plan and product that best suits your symptom(s).

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Is CBD Oil Legal in New Zealand?

Yes, CBD oil is legal medication with a script that can be obtained from one of our medicinal cannabis doctors, or your own GP. There are no specific health conditions for which CBD oil is approved for in New Zealand, so its legal use is on a case-by-case trial basis.

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Live Outside of Auckland?

We have consulted with hundreds of patients from all over the country using private video appointments. Choose your suitable appointment time and we will take care of the rest.

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How Much Does Medicinal Cannabis Cost?

The cost of products depends on which product you are using, and the doses prescribed for you. For most treatment plans, it will be around $5-10 per day. To make it accessible, we are proud to offer you interest-free payment plans via Oxipay.

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Discover the medical conditions and symptoms that may improve with medicinal cannabis.

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Resources to help you understand medicinal cannabis, how it works, and it’s legality in New Zealand.

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All your frequently asked questions about medicinal cannabis products, costs and process in NZ.

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