Terms of Use

Our terms & conditions exist to protect you and allow us to offer you a better service. Any person who requests further information about products from our doctors (via product availability or pricing on The Dispensary page) or wishes to consult with us must accept these terms.  

By accepting our terms & conditions, you agree to the following:


Our Services

  • You accept that the Cannabis Clinic will only provide prescriptions to medicinal cannabis products when this is felt to be clinically appropriate. This decision is made by your clinician and cannot be altered by other staff members.
  • Where you feel this decision has not been fair, we encourage you to write to us to allow us to resolve the matter by seeking a second opinion and communicating with you. Where possible, a remedial plan will be suggested to address any concerns. 


E-Patient Registration

  • By accepting our terms and conditions, you are accepting to register as an online patient (e-patient) with us with the intention of using our consultation and/or dispensary services. As an e-patient, you agree that you are now under the care of our doctor(s) and you are seeking information from from them about using unapproved medications to treat your health condition(s). 
  • You also agree that if you do not intend to use our consultation and/or dispensary services but you still register with us as an e-patient to view restricted information then you are violating our terms of service and this is a legally liable matter, regardless of the reasons for this violation. 
  • Registered e-patients may receive email communication from our clinic with information & pricing related to unapproved medications. You may opt out of such communication at any time.


Telemedicine Consultations

Telemedicine appointments can only be done when you meet the following requirements:

  • Your treating clinician is in agreement that an online appointment is suitable in your situation 
  • Your treating clinician does not require you to provide any further health information, such as a referral from your GP. Further documentation may be asked at any time
  • That you confirm the exceptional circumstance that have caused you to seek an online consultation. For example, the refusal of your GP to prescribe. 

By utilising online telemedicine appointments, you agree that:

  • The structure of consultations will differ from what is expected with a GP.
  • All prescriptions are held on your online records and physical prescriptions can be requested from the clinic at any time.
  • Any letters required from the clinic, such as work or travel letters confirming the use of medicinal cannabis, are provided electronically unless specifically requested for a physical copy. 
By engaging in a telemedicine appointment, you accept the following:
  • I understand The Cannabis Clinic purpose is solely to consult on medicinal cannabis and not to diagnose or offer advice on the medical management of particular conditions. I understand it is not the Cannabis Clinic’s role to review the medical management of my condition(s).

If at any time you feel the provision of your appointment by telemedicine is not providing you with the same level of service as an in person appointment, please notify us.


Dispensary Access

By consulting with the Cannabis Clinic, you agree that:

  • Every patient of the Cannabis Clinic will have access to the dispensary through the provision of a password to enable access.
  • The password must not be shared or disclosed to any other person and must remain private.
  • Your log in details to access your personal account is kept private and not shared.
  • Any medicinal cannabis products accessed must be consistent with the prescription provided to you by your treating specialist.
  • Requests for repeat medications are upon the discretion of the doctor to approve or request further information or follow up.
  • Products could be withheld if the doctor requests a specific action to occur prior to dispensing, such as but not limited to a blood test or a follow up appointment.  
  • You are required to have a follow up appointment for CBD products within the first 3 months of use. Further products cannot be provided without this. 
  • You are required to have a follow up appointment for THC products within the first 1 month of use. Further products cannot be provided without this. 



We cannot deliver our services if you do not consent to it. This is in relation to the use of telemedicine consultations and the use of unapproved medicines, which fall under section 29 of the Medicines Act. 

You must consent prior to the appointment and any use of products. If you are unclear or unsure during your consultation about what this means, we encourage you to discuss this with your treating doctor. Please inform us if you require written information which we can provide.



We are able to offer our services to patients from any age range. For anyone under the age of 16, it is a requirement for a parent or legal guardian to be present for the consultation. 


The Dispensary

The advertising of unapproved medicines is strictly prohibited. We provide the pricing for specific products as well as indicative price ranges as information to assist you to decide wether you wish to proceed to book a consultation with one of our doctors as we do not wish our patients to be taken by surprise at the cost of the products which are in addition to the cost of the consultation and any required follow up consultation. We note, due to legislative requirements, CBD products need to be ordered for each particular patient and accordingly such products, if a prescription is appropriate, are not available to be provided at the time of consultation. 


Product Availability

Products that are branded as Cannabis Clinic & Formula Swiss are only available as imports on your behalf and are not stocked in the clinic. A waiting time of 1-8 weeks may be required to complete the importation process and obtain clearance from the Ministry of Health. These imports are done on a patient by patient process. You can opt for another product at any time. At times these products may be able to be supplied immediately to you. 

Products branded to third parties may be available immediately or ordered on your behalf. The delay in sending these to you may be 1-2 working days. 


Conflict of Interest

You are aware that all products sold by the Cannabis Clinic have an added margin on the sale price. Purchasing your prescribed product from our dispensary provides financial benefit to the Cannabis Clinic while taking your prescription to another service does not. Dr Harvey, Dr Craig and Dr Alzaher are shareholders in the company and are provided financial returns from the clinic. 

Policies and measures are in place within the clinic to ensure that you are prescribed only as clinically indicated. Looking after you clinically must be the only consideration taken into account when prescribing.

This margin varies from product to product. The pricing of products is determined by:

  • The affordability for our patients
  • Pricing compared to other products to reduce prescribing bias as much as possible. This is to protect you from bias of your treating clinician in recommending a product.


Communicating With Your GP

  • You accept that unless you request otherwise, a written letter requesting a copy of your medical records and summarising your appointment and prescribed medications will be sent to you and your GP via email immediately after the consultation.
  • You must provide written advice to inform us if you do not wish for this to happen.
  • If you do not have a registered GP, we are unable to prescribe you a THC based product.


Your Obligations

You accept your obligations that you must meet in order for us to deliver our service to you.  

Providing us with accurate information will allow us to deliver our services effectively. We ask that you ensure that:

  • You follow the recommendations of our clinic staff 
  • You follow the instructions provided on your product/medicine that has been prescribed and supplied to you
  • You inform the clinic of any adverse effect of the treatment provided 
  • You store your medicines in a safe manner and ensure they are out of reach of children 
  • You inform us should your personal or health information change, or becomes inaccurate of incomplete 
  • Our services are used for your personal care or a dependent. 

If you have any concerns or suggestions about our level of service, we ask you contact us at: [email protected]