Medicinal Cannabis Treatment Plan

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Medicinal cannabis (CBD & THC) costs $1 – $6 per day for most of our patients.

Medicinal cannabis is a journey to find the right combination and balance of CBD and THC that works best for you and your symptoms, without any (or minimal) side effects. Once you become our patient, you can request repeat medication at any time.

Our treatment plan is a suggestion and your doctor may wish to skip stages depending on your health condition(s). 

Consultation Costs

We strive to make our service affordable for everyone, whilst taking the time to listen to your journey and provide you with a personalised treatment plan. Depending on the medication you are prescribed, we will monitor your progress with follow-up consultations until adequate control of your symptoms is achieved. Once you are stable, we can issue repeat prescriptions on an ongoing basis and courier the medicine directly to your door.

Follow up appointments may be required prior to releasing more products from the dispensary. These are done to allow us to offer you the best care possible while maintaining our requirements towards the Medical Council. These are done only when required.

Product Costs

We are proud to offer you the most affordable CBD oil prices in NZ!

The cost of CBD oil and medicinal cannabis does depend on the product and your prescribed dose. Because plant-based medicine treatments are individualised and there isn’t a one size fits all, we’ll work with you to ensure your treatment plan gets you the best results possible. It is extremely important that you are prescribed the correct (and most cost-effective) product and treatment plan for your symptoms.

All our patients, and those with a prescription from their own GP, are eligible for access to The Dispensary where you can request repeat medications. If you prefer, we can also send your script to your local pharmacy.

To learn more about the costs of specific products from The Dispensary, please click below to register as an e-patient with us and find out more*:

Register & learn more about available products & cost

I Have a Prescription From My Doctor

If your doctor has prescribed you CBD oil and you would like to access The Dispensary, we can help! 

With a script, you are eligible for a FREE consultation with a cannabis specialist nurse to answer any questions you may have about dosing or product selection. You also receive free weekly follow up emails and open email support on an ongoing basis. 

The Dispensary allows you access to the most affordable CBD oil and the widest range of CBD and medicinal cannabis products in NZ.

I have a prescription and want to access The Dispensary


We understand that sometimes you just can’t wait. Take advantage of our Humm finance option which is available online everyday. When you choose Humm at the checkout you can spread the cost of your purchase over 4 easy payments, instead of paying the whole lot upfront.* So you can get your medicine right now and keep the money in your pocket for other things. Go to Humm now to apply.

* Please note Humm charges a convenience fee of 4.5% for each transaction.


* The advertising of unapproved medicines is strictly prohibited. We provide the pricing for specific products as well as indicative price ranges as information to assist you to decide wether you wish to proceed to book a consultation with one of our doctors as we do not wish our patients to be taken by surprise at the cost of the products which are in addition to the cost of the consultation and any required follow up consultation. We note, due to legislative requirements, CBD products need to be ordered for each particular patient and accordingly such products, if a prescription is appropriate, are not available to be provided at the time of consultation.