Product Costs

Medicinal cannabis products cost in the range of $5-10 / day and this is dependent upon the dose and products included in your treatment plan as agreed with your doctor.

Consultation Costs

As part of your medicinal cannabis journey, you will require an initial consultation with one of our doctors, as well as regular follow-up consults. Unlike your GP, we do not charge for repeat prescriptions – you will only ever need to pay product costs.

If you would like to find out more about the cost of our consultations, what medicinal cannabis products are available, as well as more details about how the process works, please contact us today.

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To enable you easier access, we are proud to offer you Oxipay to pay for your initial consultation cost, and any medicinal cannabis product over $100. When you shop with Oxipay, you can spread the cost of your purchase over time, instead of paying the whole lot upfront. There is no interest, and no added fees, as long as you pay on time*.

How To Pay With Oxipay

Who Can Use Oxipay?

Important Information

* When you purchase with Oxipay, up to a maximum of $1,000, Oxipay pays the store and you pay in future instalments. The first instalment is due when you make a purchase, with the remaining instalments due after this. A late fee of $10 is charged if Oxipay does not receive your payment by the due date. If you are past due by more than 7 days, your account may be passed to Oxipay’s Collections team where a $30 fee may be applied to your account. For more information please visit


Here’s what our patients have to say:

“I’m feeling much better now, and I believe the CBD oil has definitely helped me with my sleep. Within a couple of weeks of using it I had gone from no sleep at all (without sleeping pills) to getting several hours a night by myself, and now I’m definitely almost sleeping through the night.  So I’m very happy about that.”

VM, Auckland

“I am noticing a good effect. When I take it my panic attacks begin to subside, I am able to focus and complete every day tasks from house work to raising my 4 kids. If I take it prior to going to a supermarket I’m able to go in and not have a panic attack. It helps me feel normal and not impaired like other medications.”

SP, Wellington

“Definitely sleeping more deeply and waking up more energized. And a little more chilled too considering the world we are in.”

JW, Darfield

“The CBD oil has been really good for soothing my anxiety, especially after about 2 weeks of taking it regularly.”

AH, Hastings

“I am starting to notice subtle changes in my moods/anxiety and the way I approach/deal with certain situations. My approach seems calmer. My husband has noticed we are bickering far less than we were over minuscule things.”

ES, Auckland