Dr. Lawrie Hughes

Dr. Lawrie Hughes | MbChb, BSc

Clinic: Telehealth

Areas of Speciality: Musculoskeletal Conditions

Dr. Lawrie Hughes comes to us from Birmingham, England. He studied medicine at Manchester University in the UK and has been practicing for over 12 years. He specialises in Musculoskeletal Conditions and minor injuries.

He found his way to medicinal cannabis after becoming frustrated with his experience in traditional medicine. He saw many patients in Urgent Care clinics who had reached a roadblock in their treatment using traditional pharmaceuticals. Dr. Hughes says some of these patients went on to benefit from medicinal cannabis treatment for their mental health issues and chronic pain management, which inspired him to dig deeper into the subject.

In his spare time, Dr. Hughes enjoys surfing, fishing, riding dirtbikes and pizza night with the whānau.

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