Dr. Oscar Deng

Dr. Oscar Deng | MBChB

Area of Expertise: GP

Clinic: Telehealth

Dr. Oscar Deng was born in Singapore and studied medicine at the University of Auckland.

He first heard about medicinal cannabis through colleagues. Since becoming a cannabis doctor, he has discovered that its an option worth exploring for patients where conventional medications have been ineffective or not tolerated.

Dr. Deng believes that providing access to regulated cannabis based medicines, educating patients on harm reduction techniques and following up with his patients improves safety and reduces stigma around medicinal cannabis. He finds it rewarding when his patients frequently report significant improvements in both specific symptoms and their general sense of wellbeing which I find very rewarding

In his spare time, Dr. Deng enjoys keeping fit through scuba diving when he can, as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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