Financial Investment in the Cannabis Clinic

With a strong and diverse team and large patient base, the Cannabis Clinic is well positioned in the current market for the provision of medicinal cannabis services and products in New Zealand.

Cannabis Clinic Ltd is a privately held company and options for investment are possible by private discussion with the director board.

We believe that clear planning and execution are critical to delivering a high quality of service. The following is how we operate:

Our Purpose – empowering wellness to everyone in New Zealand through medicinal cannabis

Our Mission – be the largest and most respected medicinal cannabis provider in New Zealand

Our Strategy – guide every patient in New Zealand in their medicinal cannabis journey by providing the most affordable consultations, follow ups, ongoing engagement, support and timely access to products


  1. Plant the seed–every team member is a seed that will grow and flower. While we are at different phases of growth, we are all on the same platform and work closely together. We are one team.
  2. Grow courageously–we lead a new industry with many unknowns and changes, utilising technology and innovation. We are courageous.
  3. Stand tall–when the wind blows, our stems rest on each other. We continually talk to each other, share ideas and feedback. We are open communicators.
  4. The flower provides healing–we place the care of our patients first and deliver the flower gently. We are caring.
  5. We stand to be the brightest flower–when cared for and nurtured, the largest and brightest flower stands out from the rest. No other clinic matches our service. We strive to be the best.

Please email your interest to: [email protected]