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Our experienced doctors and nurses are here to help you on your journey to a better life.

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Dr Waseem Alzaher


As the founder of the Cannabis Clinic, Dr Alzaher is up to date on all the latest medicinal cannabis research for a wide range of medical conditions. With a gentle and caring approach, Dr Alzaher is able to support you on your journey to a better life. Every patient through our clinic receives his personal emails and support. Dr Waseem is a shareholder & director of the clinic. 

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Dr Anne Craig

BhB, MbChB, Dip Paeds, FANZCA | Specialist & Anaesthetist

As a qualified anaesthetist and specialist, Dr Craig brings a world of medical experience to the Cannabis Clinic. Dr Craig is experienced in general medicinal cannabis care, but also has a special interest in working with patients who suffer from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, cancer-related pain, and sleeping difficulties. With a warm and kind approach, Dr Craig will ensure your journey on medicinal cannabis is supported and positive. Dr Craig is a shareholder in the clinic.

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Dr Daniela Reyes

MBChB | General Practicioner

As a general medicinal cannabis doctor, Dr Reyes brings a wealth of holistic health expertise to the Cannabis Clinic. She is a firm believer in living your life to achieve overall health and wellbeing. Dr Reyes enjoys consulting on a wide range of health conditions, including pain, anxiety, sleep, and she is also excellent with children. Dr Reyes will be gentle and supportive on your journey to a better life.

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Dr Mike Foster

MBBS (London) | Doctor

With a wealth of medical experience both here in New Zealand and overseas, you’ll be in safe and caring hands with Dr Mike. Dr Mike is passionate about integrating orthodox medicine with nutrition, stress reduction, exercise, and appropriate supplementation. After seeing many patients using cannabis with remarkable benefits, Dr Mike is excited to be working with us at the Cannabis Clinic.

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Dr Monica MacRae

MBChB | Psychiatry Registrar

Monica’s own healing journey has lead her away from conventional medicine towards more holistic, natural, psychological and spiritual methods of healing. Monica has a strong belief that there is an abundance of healing plants available that should be utilised through diet and supplementation. This combined with a meditation practise, exercise, and lifestyle changes to reduce stressors has the potential to bring so much healing!

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Dr Clare Halford

MBchB, Dip Paeds | Medical Director

Clare been working in Emergency Medicine for 17 years and has developed a strong interest in nutritional and plant medicine. She is a firm believer that Medicinal Cannabis is a sacred and wonderful plant that can help people to achieve balance and relief on many levels. As a highly experienced doctor, Clare will provide you with amazing care and advice. 

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Dr Grace Lavelli

MBBS, BA | Psychiatry Registrar

After graduating from medical school in London, Grace worked as a doctor in the UK for a few years before making the move to New Zealand in 2019. After spending some time travelling around she eventually decided to settle in Hawke’s Bay. Her main interest as a doctor lies in mental health, and after working for a few years as a psychiatry registrar, she found herself becoming increasingly drawn to a more holistic treatment approach and considering more how lifestyle factors play an important role on both our physical and mental wellbeing.

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Dr James Cameron

MBChB, RNZCGP, BSc | General Practice Registrar

Dr James grew up in England and Brazil before moving to New Zealand where he completed studies in psychology and graduated medical school from the University of Auckland. In the following years, he worked across Auckland’s three main hospitals in a range of specialities as a junior doctor and is currently working as a GP in central Auckland. The healing properties of medicinal marijuana fascinate him and he believes many patients across New Zealand stand to benefit from it.

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Dr Annie Borland

MPH, MBChB, DipPaeds | Public Health Registrar

Dr Annie graduated from the University of Auckland in 2015 and is specialising in public health medicine. She has worked across a wide range of medical specialties both in New Zealand and in the UK and is interested in how social and environmental factors influence health. She believes medicinal cannabis has great potential for improving people’s quality of life, and it is an exciting field to watch the science develop.

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Dr Eileen McManus

MBChB, BAO, BA, MSc | Neurology Registrar

Dr. Eileen graduated from Trinity College Medical school in Ireland in 2013 and works as a Registrar in Neurology. As a doctor her main interests are neuroimmunology, metabolic therapy and holistic/natural medicine.

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Dr Andy Owen

DO, DC (United States) | Doctor

Dr. Andy graduated from medical school in Colorado (United States) in 2013 and went on to do his residency training in Rural Family Medicine through Oregon Health & Science University. Dr Andy has been been fortunate enough to be able to travel to Haiti, Guatemala, and Kenya providing free medical care to many underserved communities. Dr Andy loves the human connection in healthcare and being allowed to help ease someone’s suffering is a special position to be in. 

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Dr. Ximena Hunefeldt

General Practitioner

Ximena grew up in Peru and Germany which has led to her varied interests and ability to think ‘outside of the box’. Ximena has a keen focus on drug & alcohol misuse, autoimmune diseases & ME, women’s health & hormones, as well as lifestyle & nutrition, and she has been prescribing medicinal cannabis for around 4 years.

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Dr William Parkyn

MBChB (Otago) FRNZCGP, PG Dip ObsMedGyn (Auckland), PG Cert Emergency Med (ACEM) | General Practitioner

After graduating from Otago University in 2014, Dr William worked for three years in the hospital and then became a rural GP where he oversaw a wide range of patients. Most recently, Dr William has been the Clinical Director of a large Urgent Care Centre and General Practice specialising in caring for the most vulnerable. As a GP specialist, Dr William is interested in patient-centred, patient-led, medicine. Having witnessed amazing transformations in his patients using medicinal cannabis, he has decided to follow this passion to enable more to utilise the unique healing properties this ancient plant can offer. Outside of medicine I love the outdoors, gardening, listening to music, and experiencing life with my wife and 5 kids!

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Dr Grace Tong

MBChB (Auckland)FRNZCGP | General Practitioner

Dr Grace graduated from Auckland Medical School in 1997 and is still currently working as a General Practitioner of 20 years. Dr Grace’s interest in medicinal cannabis was ignited by her patients who had dramatic relief from their symptoms. Dr Grace is a NZ born and bred Chinese aka a ‘Chiwi’. She honours her parents who gave her the Chinese name “Heavenly Blessing”, which she says has written her life’s path and privilege to bless and serve others (especially the broken and suffering) through physical, emotional or spiritual healing. Dr Grace enjoys sharing life with others, a good laugh, creative design and her happy place is tramping in native bush near the open sea with the tuis & fantails.

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Maxine Anderson

BNurs Senior | Clinical Nurse

As New Zealand’s first Cannabis Nurse, Maxine has an interest in natural therapies and holistic healing for people with chronic conditions, Maxine is caring, compassionate, and can provide you with a quality of care that is second to none.

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Ben Whitson

B.Sc (Nursing) | Nurse Clinical Lead

As a medicinal cannabis nurse with a first-hand experience of chronic poor health, Ben has an empathetic perspective with patients. Passionate about the role medicinal cannabis can play in reclaiming health, Ben will treat you with care and understanding.

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Robyn Hewitt

DipN, PGCertHSc, PGDipHSc, MNurs | Senior Cannabis Nurse

Robyn has been nursing for over 30 years with the majority of her career spent in Emergency Nursing. She has recently completed her Masters of Nursing. Robyn lives in Nelson, which is perfect for tramping, trail running and mountain biking and she can often be found training for her next adventure race.

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Shannon Norton

BNurs | Clinical Nurse

Shannon grew up in beautiful, sunny Nelson and completed her Bachelor of Nursing degree in 2020. She jumped straight into the DHB surgical, cardiovascular and specialist infusions unit where she was able to make special human connections as well as see a range of ailments and how best to treat them not only biomedically, but holistically too. Shannon is extremely passionate about ensuring focus on all aspects of a person’s well being, which has led her to the unique position of helping others with the sacred use of medical cannabis. Shannon believes that plant medicine when used correctly, in combination with healthy lifestyle factors, holistic healing techniques and a balanced mind can change peoples lives and the trajectory of their individual health journey. Outside of work, Shannon meditates daily, and practises the art of yoga. She is currently completing her Reiki course and spends a lot of time connecting and staying grounded with nature and her whanau.