Doctor, CBD Oil is Safe – Safer than Paracetamol!

Yes it is true. CBD  oil is safe – safer than Paracetamol.

This is not to say that the two are the same, or can be used interchangeably.

They are both different.

We are asking…

  • Why is there is such a reluctance to use CBD oil?
  • Or any other medicinal cannabis product?

The Cannabis Clinic is here to help in the education process of all New Zealanders.

MBChB (Otago), BSc (Auckland) - As our tele-medicine doctor and author, Dr. Waseem keeps busy educating both patients and doctors about medicinal cannabis. He also consults with people from all over New Zealand, offering a listening ear and giving the most relevant advice.

2 thoughts on “Doctor, CBD Oil is Safe – Safer than Paracetamol!

  1. Mary Michelon says:

    I take a seretonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressant for fibromyalgia and depression. I have bought some CBD oil. Also on one aspirin per day, cholesterol, and blood pressure med. Any of these dangerous pleas

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