Create your CBD Information Pack


While the Cannabis plant has been used for over 2000 years for healing, it has only be in the last few years, that the benefits have been recognised globally. Unfortunately most doctors haven’t had any experience or training in prescribing CBD and with their busy schedules and thousands of new products always coming on the market, they don’t have time to learn. We would prefer that you come and see one of our specialist doctors for a consultation, but also appreciate that if you have a good relationship with your doctor, they can prescribe CBD for you. We have created a service to help you have this discussion with your GP and provide all the information they need to prescribe medical Cannabis to you. Take this pack to your GP to help them understand what CBD oil is, how it works and how to prescribe it for you. It answers all the questions your GP may have about CBD oil so that you don’t need to. Written by doctors and for doctors. As with all our services, this is confidential and personal.



Complete the form below and we will create a customised CBD prescription pack. Our in-house doctor will review the pack and make sure it has the information you need to get access to CBD via your GP. The cost for this service is $29.95. You will be invoiced when the pack has been compiled and reviewed.