If you are reading this article you have likely thought about asking your doctor for CBD oil, or you have already asked and received a “no” from them.

Well, finding doctors who prescribe CBD oil NZ is not as hard as it may seem. A little extra work and these helpful tips from a doctor who prescribes regularly should set you on the right path.

If not, let me know!

Why Do I Need My Doctor To Prescribe CBD Oil In NZ?

As much as I would like you to be able to access it off the shelf, CBD oil is a prescription-only medicine. So this means the only way for you to legally obtain it is to have it prescribed by a GP.

This is a really good thing! It ensures patients are receiving high quality and accurate medical advice.

If you have been following the medicinal cannabis and CBD industry, you will have heard that product quality is of high importance. For example, a recent analysis by Mile High Labs on nine random samples found that two samples (in other words just over 20%) contained less ingredients than what was stated on the packaging.

Then there are the products where levels are way over what is stated on the packaging! One in particular contained more than 200% of a stated ingredient. This is very concerning as CBD interacts with certain medications and there are also certain health conditions where we have to be really careful about how much CBD can be safely used.

So, apart from the legalities, there is a safety aspect that ensures your treating doctor is prescribing you a high quality CBD product you can trust day after day.

Doctors Who Prescribe CBD Oil NZ

You will be surprised how many doctors are willing to try alternative therapies if you ask them.

And that’s the first step of the way. Consult with your own GP. At the end of the day, they trust you, you trust them, and they know you best. So why not ask?

However, if you have read our blog, you will know there is a lot more that you can do apart from just asking.

I wrote an entire article about how to approach the initial consultation with your GP. Filled with tips and tricks, and materials for you to use – absolutely free.

If you have not read it already, I suggest you read:

  1. Step by step guide to getting a CBD oil prescription in NZ – this article outlines what you need to do before, during, and after the consultation to help you.

  2. Free guide to help your doctor prescribe CBD oil – this guide is for you to take and show your doctor. It is a free educational brochure I have created to help get your doctor up to speed with the basics of medicinal cannabis.

I Can’t Get A CBD Oil Prescription – What Should I Do?

It would be amazing to give you a list of doctors who we know are pro-medicinal cannabis, but unfortunately I am unable to do that here.

There are certainly doctors who are more open to it than others. I would consult with Medicinal Cannabis Awareness NZ. They have dealt with these issues in the past and can recommend some names.

However, what you will likely find is that even if your own GP prescribes it to you, they are not medicinal cannabis experts so are unsure what happens after you receive your prescription. Where do you take the prescription? Which dose? How much CBD can you safely take? Can you increase your dose?

That’s why the Cannabis Clinic exists – we are New Zealand’s leading medicinal cannabis clinic. Sure, our initial consultation cost is a little higher, but our follow ups are only $49, and any repeat prescriptions are free. It’s super simple, just fill out our consultation form here.


Finding a doctor willing to prescribe you CBD oil can be tricky in New Zealand. Using the above resources and advice, you should be in a much better position to get that prescription. If you can’t, however, we’re here to help. Contact us for a consultation today.

I hope you find this article useful. Share with us your story or recommendations, I would love to hear it!