Is CBD Oil Legal in NZ? Is it Legal to Import CBD Oil into NZ? Can I Bring CBD Oil into NZ?

These are common questions we get asked. And they are also important ones. The answer is yes, to all three questions. CBD oil is legal in NZ, it is legal for you to bring CBD oil into NZ when travelling, and it is also legal for you to import CBD Oil into NZ. Let us describe the details to you.

Is CBD Oil Legal in NZ?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in NZ as a prescription medication and is available for purchase through your local pharmacy. You need a prescription for it. In order to obtain this, you can speak with a Cannabis Clinic specialist or to your own GP.

Is it Legal to Import CBD Oil into NZ?

Importing is one way of saving money on your purchase of CBD.

You are legally allowed to source CBD online and you can also legally import it as long as you have a prescription from your GP for it (and the source country can send it legally). You are allowed a 3 month’s supply. If NZ customs stops the shipment, you can produce your script to them and they must release it. However, make sure you do your research here to make sure what you are buying is genuine and legal. This is what you need to watch out for:

  1. Certificate of Analysis (COA) - if your shipment gets stopped, you must satisfy the Ministry of Health that your product contains at least 98% (of the total cannabinoid content) CBD. This is regardless of the potency of the solution. For example, if the bottle you have purchased contains a total of 100mg of full spectrum cannabinoids, at least 98% or 98mg must be CBD. The other 2% can be THC or any other cannabinoid. The way to prove this is by making sure the supplier has a certificate of analysis for their product. These must contain third party lab testing of the product to verify the stated content and potency. It must also contain a batch number or another form of reference that links the COA to the product on hand.

  2. Legality - you need to ensure that the exporting country legally allows the supplier to send you CBD. My recommendation in this regard to play it as safe as possible is to ensure you are importing products with a THC content of less than 0.3% as this legally classifies it as a Hemp product (see our article about Hemp, Marijuana and Cannabis). Internationally, the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs limits the distribution of controlled narcotic drugs but it does not identify Hemp as part of the convention. Otherwise, importing products with more than 0.3% THC may mean your supplier needs to have an export licence to make it a legal export. Please make sure you check with your supplier about the legality of the shipment.

Sourcing from USA & Canada

Currently, according to the Ministry of Health, it is not possible to export from USA and Canada legally without a license. Although we have legal advice to say the latter due to recent law changes, we advise against this. Most patients have been importing from European countries for an easier process.

Can I Bring CBD Oil into NZ?

If you are travelling overseas and intend to bring CBD back with you, you may also do so, and bring back a 3 months supply as long as you have a prescription for it from your doctor. See the link here regarding the above.

If you would prefer to not go through the hassle of importing, let us do it for you. We can look after your medicinal cannabis needs through a consultation with a registered doctor and import products on your behalf to save you time and money. Book your appointment today.