These are common questions we get asked. And they are also important ones. The answer is yes, CBD oil is legal in NZ and you can bring medicinal cannabis products and CBD oil with you when you travel. However, as of the 1st of April 2020, it is now illegal for you to import any medicinal cannabis products into NZ.

Let me discuss these scenarios in detail and give you more information below.

Is CBD Oil Legal In NZ?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in NZ as a prescription medication and is available for purchase through your local pharmacy. You will need a prescription for it. In order to obtain this, you can speak with a Cannabis Clinic specialist or to your own GP.

CBD oil has actually been legal in NZ since late 2017 and patients have been using it since then. While this is great, there are unfortunately barriers for access. We get a lot of people who have been refused by their GP to have a prescription. This is mainly due to lack of experience and confidence in prescribing but it also reflects some opinions about CBD oil as being “snake oil” and not genuine medication.

What About THC, Is That Legal?

Yes, THC is now legal to be prescribed by any registered doctor, since the launch of the new medicinal cannabis regulations.

THC is the part of the cannabis plant that is responsible for the high. The purpose of using medicinal cannabis products is not to get high but rather to treat particular symptom(s). We always use THC in combination with CBD and at measured and small doses, meaning most of our patients do not get the psychoactive high feeling.

Prior to April 2020, THC was available but needed a special approval, which was lengthy and complicated. This meant that very few people have used it, legally. Most were finding it too difficult and accessing it through illegal means.

Right now there are NO affordable THC containing products on the market which can be prescribed. They products are still going through government approval to ensure they meet the minimum quality standards recently set out. In other words, to make sure they are pure, safe and of medicinal grade.

Until that time comes, we will not be able to prescribe you THC.

Is It Legal To Import CBD Oil and Medicinal Cannabis into NZ?

It is illegal to import medicinal cannabis as of April 2020.

While this was a great way of saving on costs, it is now not allowed. Prior to that, I had written lengthy advice on how to go about importing but this is now not possible.

The reason for this is that there are many products on the market which make various claims but may not be so accurate.

If you are taking a medicine, you would want to make sure if was of high enough quality to work and not harm you, wouldn’t you? Remember, this is a new field and at the start, the regulations and controls are more relaxed but as time goes on, it will be more regulated to ensure the safety of patients.

I am certainly pleased that this is the case as I have seen some products that do not appear to be so reliable and it makes you wonder, what is actually in it!

Even if you have a prescription for CBD oil or medicinal cannabis, you will not be able to import it and must go through us or your pharmacy.

Can I Bring Products Into NZ While Travelling?

Yes you are legally allowed to. While travelling, you may bring your medicinal cannabis products with you. This applies to any medicine. How much you are allowed to bring in depends on what it is that you have been prescribed.

For CBD based products, you are allowed 3 months supply.

For products with THC, you are only allowed 1 months supply.

It is important to make sure you follow the following points when travelling:

  • the product has been prescribed to you by a doctor
  • you have a copy of the prescription or a letter from your doctor stating that you are being treated with the product
  • you declare the product on your passenger arrival card
  • you carry the product in its original container


CBD oil and THC are legal medicinal cannabis products in NZ. However, importing your CBD is no longer legal, as of April 2020.

So if you think medicinal cannabis could help you, book your appointment with one of our specialists today. We do medicinal cannabis on a daily basis and thrive on seeing lives changes, including yours.