Lara Ajello

Lara Ajello | BPharm

Area of Expertise: Medication interactions and medication reviews, diagnosis and treatment of primary health care conditions, medication counselling and lifestyle advice. 

Clinic: Auckland

Lara Ajello comes to us from Harare, Zimbabwe, and earned a Bachelor of Pharmacy through the University of Auckland.
She’s had an interest in pharmacy for most of her life; creating ‘potions’ from herbs and plants as a child developed into a love for the sciences. Wanting to combine her interest with science and desire to help people led her to pharmaceutical studies. 

Lara’s desire to become a cannabis pharmacist stemmed from a strong interest in plant based medicine. She finds the pharmacology of medicinal cannabis—and the way it works synergistically with the body’s systems—fascinating. She’s committed to supporting a paradigm of care where plant based medicines can work with, or as an alternative to, traditional treatments to provide clients with a more comprehensive and holistic approach to healthcare. 

Lara loves seeing the significant positive impact medicinal cannabis has had for people in the treatment of a wide range of conditions. Particularly in the cases involving children, where medical cannabis has been a huge support in helping them.

In her spare time, Lara gets out into nature. Her favourite activities are walks along the beach, hiking and swimming.