Employers & Concerns

We offer employer and professional consultations to address questions and concerns that employers may have regarding their employees taking medicinal cannabis. These consultations also allow for the answering of complex clinical questions for anyone other than the client themselves. The use of medicinal cannabis by employees can raise various issues and questions that employers may not have the expertise to handle. Additionally, there may be clinical questions that require the input of a medical professional, which can be addressed through these consultations. By offering these consultations, we can provide guidance and support to employers and professionals to ensure that they have the information and resources necessary to make informed decisions and provide the best care possible for their employees and clients.


Employers and professionals who have questions or concerns about their employees or clients using medicinal cannabis can request a consultation with us. This includes individuals such as staff at rest homes or other healthcare facilities who may need clarification on complex dosing for their clients.

A: We can answer questions related to the use of medicinal cannabis by employees or clients, including dosage, side effects, interactions with other medications, and legal and ethical considerations. It’s important to note, however, that while we can provide information about medicinal cannabis, we cannot clear clients to be unimpaired at work or make any guarantees regarding their ability to perform job duties while using medicinal cannabis.

Yes, consultations are all conducted remotely via phone or video conferencing to accommodate busy schedules or remote locations.

Yes, all information shared during a consultation is strictly confidential and will not be shared without the express permission of the employer or professional who requested the consultation. We adhere to all relevant privacy laws and regulations.

Yes, the client must provide written consent for us to speak with their employer or professional. We take client confidentiality very seriously and will not share any information without the client’s express permission. We will require written consent from the client before any information is shared during an employer or professional consultation.