Aarti Maria Shenoy

Aarti Maria Shenoy | BNurs

Area of Expertise: Occupational Health Nursing, Practice Nursing, Medicinal Cannabis

Clinic: Auckland | Telehealth

Aarti was born in Bombay, India, and studied nursing at the University of Auckland.

She first became aware of medicinal cannabis in a 2017 US documentary. It opened her eyes to the effectiveness of medicinal cannabis in treating a myriad of health concerns without many side effects—sometimes even where pharmaceutical avenues had failed.
Some of her highlights from working with medicinal cannabis including watchign patients regain the ability to walk again after reduction in debilitating pain, the ability to sleep soundly through the night, the ability to go out without fear or anxiety after being cooped up in the house for 25 years due to agoraphobia and the elimination of nightmares and panic attacks that come with PTSD. 

In her free time, Aarti likes to watch movies, sight-see or explore different cuisines.

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