CBD Oil NZ – Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil NZ

We get asked many, many questions about CBD oil. So, if you’re curious too, then this is article is for you!

Let’s go through everything you need to know about CBD oil in NZ: What is it? Is it legal? How do you access it? How much does it cost? How to get a prescription for it? Is it safe? What are the side effects? And more.

Let’s get started!

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, and it’s an extract of the cannabis plant. There are also many other extracts of cannabis, and these compounds are labelled cannabinoids in general. Another well-known cannabinoid compound is THC.

CBD has many properties and benefits. However, the two most important things I want you to know are as follows:

  • CBD is non-psychoactive– no matter how much or how you take it, I can assure you CBD will not make you high
  • CBD is non-addictive– no matter how long you use it and how much you take, there is no addiction potential

CBD is very well tolerated compared to many other medicines, and experiencing side effects is rare!

Does CBD oil contain THC?

CBD oil can sometimes contain trace amounts of THC but in such small quantities that I would not consider it to be in any way significant.

The exact answer does depend on what type of product you are using. For example, if you use a CBD isolate, this product will contain only CBD in a carrier oil such as MCT coconut oil or hemp seed oil.

However, if you are using a full-spectrum CBD oil, this product will contain traces of a range of other beneficial cannabis compounds, including THC.

In NZ, a CBD product must not contain more than 2% THC and other cannabinoids. So, in practical terms, a medium-sized bottle of full-spectrum CBD oil may only contain 1mg of THC in total in New Zealand. Therefore, each dose from your product will have such minute doses of THC.

Does CBD get you high?

No, CBD does not get you high at all, no matter how much you take. This is also true if you use a full spectrum CBD product (one where there are traces of THC).

The only products that can get you high are THC vape juice or oral THC oil at high enough doses. See below.

Does THC oil get you high?

No, not when taken medicinally at the prescribed doses. Smoking cannabis and using an oral THC oil are two very different things. Smoking cannabis involves using very high amounts of THC. We start our prescriptions at 1/50th of that dose.

The goal with medicinal cannabis is to improve your quality of life using cannabis oil without getting you high. We prescribe and use THC for therapeutic reasons and do not make our patients high. Our patients use THC oil with as few side effects as possible. We do this by helping you adjust your dose carefully.

THC is a very therapeutic and beneficial compound. Using THC and CBD together can, in many cases, enhance the potential health benefits we see for our patients.

Yes, it certainly is. It is a prescription-only medication which means that any doctor in NZ can prescribe it for you, including your GP. Remember, if a doctor prescribes you CBD oil, you’re limited to the specific product they have specified from the pharmacy (unless they include the wording “generic substitution allowed”).

Doctors Who Prescribe CBD Oil

Can I purchase CBD oil over the counter?

No you cannot, and buying it online means you are likely buying hemp oil bottled in smaller containers. CBD (and THC) is a prescription-only medication.

Yes, THC is legal, and you can get THC oil on a prescription from any registered doctor. Currently, however, THC product options available in NZ are limited.

We have helped thousands of people in NZ improve their quality of life using both CBD and THC prescriptions. We tailor treatment plans for each person to ensure it’s the most affordable and most appropriate. 

Obtaining THC without a prescription is illegal in NZ. 

What Are The Benefits of CBD Oil?

CBD may have many possible benefits: it may help reduce pain, inflammation, and anxiety and promote general wellbeing. It may also be healing when applied to the skin. CBD is a natural, plant-based medicine, so you don’t have to pump your body with artificially engineered pharmaceutical medications. My personal belief is that if you have a suitable natural option, opting for the more natural medicines is always the best course of action.

CBD is also very safe and well-tolerated. Many medications have a long list of side effects and are not suitable for children or older people. A great benefit of using CBD oil is that it is safe to use long term, and it does not matter how old you are – you can still use it daily.

Eric used CBD Oil
CBD can benefit people of all ages who suffer from various health conditions.


What conditions can CBD oil possibly help support?

CBD may be used to help support a wide range of symptoms. Although cannabis medicines are unapproved medicines, we have consulted with the following list of symptoms:

  • Pain 

    You might deal with short term pain due to an injury or long term pain, whether the cause is known or not. Nerve type pain is also very commonly treated using CBD and cannabis oil.

  • Mental health issues

    CBD can help with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, autism & ADHD. Sometimes people use CBD oil for mental health, wellbeing and to feel generally more at peace and settled.

  • Sleep disorders

     Insomnia and difficulty getting a restful nights sleep.

  • Inflammatory & gastrointestinal conditions

    CBD oil may be able to help you manage irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis and various auto-immune conditions.

  • Neurological conditions

Such as Parkinson’s Disease, tremors and multiple sclerosis.

  • Cancer treatment side effects

    CBD oil and cannabis oil may possibly help with managing the pain or side effects of cancer treatments, such as possibly helping to reduce nausea and improve appetite.

Although these are the most common issues we see, there are many other rarer conditions and symptoms that we have tried to use CBD oil to support. As time goes on, more and more scientific research is published to back up what our patients experience daily.

In 2017, a report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine said that there was good evidence that medicinal cannabinoids help manage: chronic pain, nausea and vomiting and support multiple sclerosis patients by improving sleep and fibromyalgia.


Are There Any Side Effects Or Risks With Using CBD Oil?

CBD is well-tolerated, meaning the side effects are very few and usually mild. These are stomach upsets, tiredness from taking CBD oil and very rarely, allergy to CBD or the carrier oil. Sometimes CBD oil can upset the stomach and cause diarrhoea; this will usually settle within 1-2 weeks of use. Some people find CBD oil makes them tired, making for a great-night time dose! If you find yourself allergic to any ingredient, I suggest you stop using it immediately.

The other area people run into problems when using CBD oil is liver impairment. If you have any liver problems or your doctor has told you that your liver tests (LFTs) are abnormal, you must check this often while taking CBD. At higher doses, CBD oil may make those liver enzymes worse. So it pays to be cautious.

We use low doses and follow up often for patients with significant liver issues.


Is CBD oil safe for children?

Yes, it is an FDA-approved drug to treat specific forms of epilepsy.

Our patients include children from a young age for various conditions, not just epilepsy. For example, we have children with ADHD using CBD oil daily.

It is not an easy decision to give medicinal cannabis to a child. It pays to talk to an experienced doctor if you are considering it.


Are there any medications that interact with CBD oil?

Using CBD safely is very important. There are some medications that CBD oil may interact with.

This includes:

  • Clobazam
  • Sodium valproate
  • Carbamazepine
  • Warfarin
  • Phenytoin
  • Warfarin

If you take any of the medications above, consulting with a doctor beforehand is recommended. There are also other medications that CBD may interact with, especially those broken down by your liver.

If you need assistance with the safe use of medicinal cannabis, consider speaking to your GP or consulting with us.


Using CBD oil for children is safe but must be under the supervision of a trained professional. Therefore, choosing the right product is very important.


Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil vs Cannabis Oil – What’s the Difference?

Hemp oil is not medicinal and is extracted from the hemp plant’s seeds. However, it is suitable as a dietary supplement for healthy fats or a salad dressing.

CBD oil is extracted from the flower of the cannabis plant and has medicinal properties.

Cannabis oil is a generic term for any oil extracted from cannabis. Therefore, it can refer to either of the two products above but more commonly refer to CBD oil.

Understanding the difference between the terms is essential when purchasing CBD oil in NZ to ensure you buy the right product for you.


What is full-spectrum CBD oil?

CBD oil that is “full-spectrum” means that it contains CBD and other medicinal cannabinoid chemicals, such as CBN, CBG, CBD, alongside traces of THC. These are all present in small amounts.

It still won’t make you high! Full-spectrum CBD oil is generally considered a better product than others.


The consensus is that full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD is better than an isolate or pure CBD oil. This is because the compounds work better in combination than the individual molecules, called the entourage effect.

We always recommend full-spectrum products when possible.

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains many beneficial compounds such as CBN, CBG, CBD, alongside traces of THC. An isolate is purified CBD oil.


What is full-spectrum hemp oil?

Full-spectrum hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds and is an excellent addition to a healthy diet as it is rich in healthy fats for the body. However, this is not the same as CBD oil or medicinal cannabis, even though it may appear to be.

When used with hemp oil, the words “full-spectrum” are more of a marketing term, and it is no different from ordinary hemp seed oil. Selling full-spectrum hemp oil is sneakily trying to allude to full-spectrum CBD oil and encourage you to buy it.

But remember – full-spectrum hemp oil is not medicinal and contains no or very little CBD!


What is cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil refers to any oil extracted from the cannabis plant. It refers to CBD oil, THC oil, Or an oil containing both called “balanced products”.


CBD Oil Dosage – How Much Should I Take?

People usually start taking CBD oil at 25mg per day and some increase it to 100mg per day over 2-3 weeks, while others find that a low dose of 25mg is enough.

The good news is that because CBD oil is so well-tolerated, larger doses do not cause any issues. Doctors can prescribe a maximum of 100mg for patients in NZ.

A higher dose is helpful for some conditions, but costs can get in the way. The right dose for you must be balanced with the product’s price. We do not want to overprescribe, making treatment much more expensive for you long term.


What is the Cost of CBD Oil in NZ?

CBD oil varies in price depending on concentration and brand. Most CBD products cost between $3-5 per day on average to use. An average bottle of CBD is $200.

The best way to save on cost when using CBD oil is to work with your doctor to find a treatment plan that works and then use the most cost-effective prescription to maintain it long term.

Our doctors know the available products and help you achieve the most cost-effective treatment plan. To help with the upfront cost of CBD oil, THC and our consultations, we also offer interest-free payments using Humm.

You can read more about the cost of CBD oil in New Zealand.


What are the Best CBD Oil Products in NZ?

There are several CBD products available in NZ.

Some products are imported from overseas (sold by NZ based companies), while others are made in New Zealand such as Helius Therapeutics and Rua Bioscience.

CBD products come in different forms worldwide, such as oil tinctures, gummies, and creams.

Choosing the right CBD oil prescription depends on what your requirements are.

For a child, you may want your doctor to prescribe CBD isolate product over a full-spectrum one. You may purchase a more concentrated bottle over a smaller one to save costs.

Further reading on CBD products, including oil, gummies, cream & vape juice.


Does CBD Oil Show in a Drug Test?

CBD oil will not be detected on a drug test as it does not contain THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis.

Using THC will show up positive on a drug test. This is not a reason to not use THC as it is a safe and effective natural medicine. We support our patients with letters stating the medicinal use of THC if this is required.

Learn more about how long long medicinal cannabis lasts in your system


Can you provide me with a letter for work?

Yes, we absolutely can and free of charge, just ask! We are here to help you use CBD in NZ safely and legally.

We always encourage you to openly communicate and share your use of medicinal cannabis with your employer. However, this is optional, and you are entitled to keep it private.


Can I travel with CBD Oil or THC?

Yes, you can travel while using CBD oil and THC. We can provide a letter of support to help you.

However, please be cautious with overseas travelling as different destinations and transit countries have different laws about carrying medicinal cannabis with you, especially THC.

Can I use CBD oil when driving?

CBD Oil Drug Test - Driving

Yes, you can drive while using CBD Oil and THC as long as you feel well and not impaired.

We generally advise that THC is used at night time and by morning, you are able to drive or operate machinery normally.

In NZ, you can drive and be using THC as long as you are not impaired. This is determined by your pupil reaction, your ability to perform a one leg stand and a walk and turn assessment. Driving while impaired is an offence.

Should there be any legal concerns, we can supply letters of support for you.

You can drive using medicinal cannabis oil or CBD oil as long as you do not feel impaired.



Where Can I Get a CBD Oil Prescription in NZ?

Any registered doctor can prescribe you CBD oil in New Zealand, but not every doctor knows enough about it.

If your GP is open to prescribing CBD oil, you can talk to them about it. But unfortunately for many people, they find that their GP does not know much about it or simply does not believe in it and so decline to prescribe it.

There is a range of CBD prescriptions that your doctor can write in different forms for different uses and at different prices.

If you want to speak to us about getting the right medicinal cannabis treatment plan, see one of our experienced cannabis doctors.


Can I Use CBD Oil for Dogs in NZ?

CBD oil is commonly used for animals overseas, and results have been promising. Currently, medicinal cannabis products are not available for pets as they must be registered as veterinary medicines, and no product has been approved yet.

If your loved pet is struggling, CBD oil may be a great option to try. Unfortunately, until products are available, your pet will need to wait.



I hope you have found this guide to be helpful. I have tried to answer the most common questions about CBD oil.

CBD oil is a great natural alternative when conventional medicine is not helping, or the side effects are not tolerable, and it may help with some symptoms. With a thorough understanding of CBD oil, what it is, how much to take, the side effects and choices, you are now empowered to take control of your health.

To speak to one of our experienced doctors about using CBD oil, please talk to us today!

What has been your experience of using CBD oil? We’d love to hear it!


Disclaimer – medicinal cannabis and CBD oil are unapproved medicines in NZ which means that there is no conclusive evidence for their effect, apart from Sativex. Many doctors do not routinely prescribe cannabis medicines. The above article was written for general educational purposes and does not intend to suggest that medicinal cannabis can be used to treat any health condition. Please consult with your healthcare provider. 


MBChB (Otago), BSc (Auckland) - As our tele-medicine doctor and author, Dr. Waseem keeps busy educating both patients and doctors about medicinal cannabis. He also consults with people from all over New Zealand, offering a listening ear and giving the most relevant advice.

37 thoughts on “CBD Oil NZ – Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil NZ

  1. Ian says:

    Hi, can i use my GP prescription to purchase your cbd products? Am struggling to find many pharmacys that stock cbd, or if they do are low strength formulas.

  2. Bibi Hamel says:

    Hi Dr Alzaher
    My younger sister has had a heart attack and has dementia (early stages). She also suffers from chronic hip and gluteal muscles pain. Not taking medication for this problem however she is taking Clopidogrel, Atorvastatin, Aspirin and Pantoprazole for cholesterol.
    Question : Can she take CBD oil for the muscle pain in the hip and gluteal?

    Appreciate your advice.
    Many thanks & regards

    • Dr. Waseem Alzaher says:

      Hi Bibi, thanks for your question. Yes she can take CBD oil. However, for pain, sometimes the addition of THC helps and the suitability of this depends on when the heart issues occurred. So sure, start off with CBD and see if that helps. If it does, great. If not, consult with a doctor about the addition of THC. Hope this helps.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hi. I have just had surgery for fusion of both large toe joints. I have previously had a DVT and PE so am on rivaroxaban for two weeks. Are there any contraindications to use CBD oil with this?

    • Dr. Waseem Alzaher says:

      Hi Jennifer, I hope you are recovering well after your surgery. Not at all, you can be on Rivaroaxaban and CBD oil at the same time with no interactions. Take care.

  4. Thelma Welgemoed says:

    I have an 11 year old who suffers chronic pain, high anxiety and has asthma I’ve been told about This product. Could it help. What would my next move be?

    • Dr. Waseem Alzaher says:

      Hi Thelma , we are open to consulting with children and their parents. I think CBD oil could potentially be a good option here. Next step would be to book you in for a consultation. Please use our book now button so we can supply you all the information you need to get started. Speak soon.

  5. Chris says:

    Hi Waseem,
    Thanks for your write up here. Can you point me in the direction of more info on the benefits of CBD for sleeplessness?
    Many thanks

    • Dr. Waseem Alzaher says:

      Hi Chris. You are welcome, glad to know it is helpful. For sleeping, our experience is that CBD helps promote deeper sleep. Some of our patients came for other reasons and only realized how much their sleep benefited after trying it. It doesn’t quite work as well for people who have trouble getting to sleep. This is where a small THC dose comes in quite handy. Both together promote getting to sleep and sustaining a deep sleep. Hope this helps!

  6. Jane says:

    Hi Waseem,

    Above you have mentioned that CDB oil can be helpful for people with MS. Which symptoms in particular can it help and is there reliable evidence to support this please?

    Thank you

    • Dr. Waseem Alzaher says:

      Hi Jane, thank you for the question. Yes that is correct. The only approved use of medicinal cannabis is in treating spasticity for which Sativex is approved (this is an oral spray of both CBD and THC). Apart from that, we are using medicinal cannabis off label for pain, anxiety and sleep, with good results. I have pulled the relevant information from the New Zealand Formulary (drug database) for you stating this: “cannabidiol + tetrahydrocannabinol
      Indications adjunct in moderate to severe spasticity in multiple sclerosis”. Hope this helps.

  7. Daryl Mills says:

    Two questions – ONE, my doctor says he will gladly prescribe CBD due to my slight hypertension which I think is brought on by my shaky central nervous system, brought about by toxic poisoning from a work accident (long story), but the pharmacy part will cost me $400 a month. Is this right or can it be obtained elsewhere cheaper?
    TWO – I’m a bit concerned about my job – anything to do with drugs is frowned upon there.

    • Dr. Waseem Alzaher says:

      Hi Daryl, thanks for sharing. What are you using it for? There are several products available on the market and chances are your GP has prescribed an isolate product. Yes there are other options but your one is high quality and reliable. Rest assured the CBD will not be picked up on drug testing. THC will if you use a THC product. We write employer letters and supporting letters for people who use these products to help. Take care

  8. Kellie says:

    Hi there, I have psoriatic arthritis and for many years have managed it without medication. I’m due to see a rheumatologist but reluctant to go on conventional medication due to side effects. Have you had others in your clinic have success with cbd oil and my condition? Thanks

    • Dr. Waseem Alzaher says:

      Hi Kellie , thanks for asking. Yes indeed we do. Some have had good results on CBD alone while others on a mixture of CBD and THC. It is definitely worth a try to help manage symptoms.

  9. Tania Sproull says:

    Hi, I suffer with severe depression and anxiety, and serious back pain from a sport injury. How does CBD benefit these? What is the other available alternatives to CBD oil? Do increase my strength or does? And to confirm? Does THC make you feel high and CBD doesn’t????

    • Dr. Waseem Alzaher says:

      Hi Tania, thanks for the question. Sorry to hear about how you are feeling! Yes CBD oil would be a treatment worth trying out. It does not make you high and is not addictive. It may also help with the back pain. We also however use THC quite a bit as both CBD and THC have important roles to play and we do not get anyone high in the clinic here. Taking controlled low doses of these medications is usually well tolerated and nothing like smoking it to get high. Most of our patients tolerate it quite well. Hope this helps.

  10. Marion says:

    I am 83 years old have had chronic pain and ibs since 15 years old don’t like drugs as have adverse reactions don’t work. Take 23 mags candestearar for bp otherwise healthy. Can I take half a gummy no the as needed? Many thanks

    • Dr. Waseem Alzaher says:

      Hi Marion, thanks for the question. Sorry to hear about the pain and IBS. I think we should give it a go with one of our treatment plans. Gummies are good but sometimes CBD alone is not sufficient and we need to add on THC to make it more effective. We would be happy to give it a trial and adjust as we go on to find what works for you Marion. Hope this helps!

  11. Alice Priday says:

    Hi. I have CRPS and insomnia. I’m on other medications as well but nothing mentioned above. Would CBD oil be good for me? What is the cheaper option? I’m currently not working due to a accident and won’t be back to work for probably 8ish months. Thank Alice

    • Dr. Waseem Alzaher says:

      Hi Alice, thanks for the message. I would definitely be keen to try and prescribe it for you. We can start off with CBD oil but most CRPS and insomnia issues seems to settle more with a small amount of THC on top. This is done in very low doses and does not make you high. To get a full breakdown of costs, please submit a no obligation enquiry on our website booking and it will show you everything. Hope this helps! https://cannabisclinic.co.nz/medicinal-cannabis-doctors-consultation-booking/

  12. Cheryl Harward says:

    PLEASE email me re my 26 year old Disabled daughter who suffers from Epileptic fits. I want to know if your medication would improve her life taking Medicinal Cannabis? She has Cerebral Palsy and is in a Wheelchair.

    • Dr. Waseem Alzaher says:

      Hi Cheryl, we will be in touch with you to see how we can help your daughter today. We are all registered doctors so genuine. Talk soon.

    • Dr. Waseem Alzaher says:

      Hi Nicola, thanks for the question. Yes absolutely. Although online it does state CBD oil and ecitalopram can interact, it is not a significant or clinically important one. However, just be aware that hemp oil is not CBD oil. Hemp oil can be purchased online or through a health food shop but does not contain CBD in it. Hope this helps 🙂

  13. Kaz says:

    Hi, I saw a comment above that cbd oil can help with spasticity? My daughter (7) has cerebral palsy and has very stiff muscles, could this benefit for her? And could a seven year old take CBD + THC oil?

    • Dr. Waseem Alzaher says:

      Hi Kaz, thanks for the question. This is an interesting one. Indeed there is evidence that medicinal cannabis can help with spasticity. CBD oil will be a good start. However, it is likely that your daughter will need a combination of CBD and THC. Starting the latter in this age must be done with very low doses and caution of a risk vs benefit. It will be best to discuss this on a case by case basis. If your daughters quality of life is affected by the spasticity significantly and there has been no success with conventional treatment, you may find this a very rewarding avenue to pursue. Hope this helps.

  14. Sean Tong says:

    Hi there, my husand Shaun has Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer which has spread to the liver). My concern is is CBD oil still OK for him with a compromised liver? Thanks from Mandy (ps – we are new to all of this)

    • Dr. Waseem Alzaher says:

      Hi Mandy, thank you very much for asking the question. The answer depends on how severely the liver is affected. It would be great to see a copy of his tests. With that information, we can let you know the best approach to take. Do you want to email that to us and address it to me? Hope this helps.

  15. Amanda says:

    Hello. My 80 year old mother has suffered from post herpetic (HSV) neuralgia for 29 years. She has been taking regular strong painkiller’s and opioids, but is often left with debilitating pain. I’m quite concerned about the addictive aspect, and she seems to be becoming very dependent on paracetamol, codeine, gabapentin and sometimes morphine (severadol) for relief – which isn’t always effective. I’ve spoken with her GP who seems supportive about exploring possibilities of more natural CBD based alternatives to the addictive synthetic chemical medications she’s been prescribed to manage her pain. I’d be very interested and grateful for any advice. Thanks in advance

    • Dr. Waseem Alzaher says:

      Hi Amanda, thanks for the question. It sounds like a tricky situation. I know sometimes people are prone to becoming dependant on various medications. It also sounds like mum has significant pain. This makes CBD oil a very good option to try because it is well tolerated and non addictive. Having said that, this would be a trial to see if it works as CBD oil alone work for 25 – 30% of chronic pain. Sometimes, the addition of small amounts of THC may be needed. But we would do this with caution with mum. So yes CBD oil could be a very good option to try. I am optimistic that it is also effective. Hope this helps!

  16. Selena Coombes says:

    Why is cbd oil so expensive?
    On a disability benefit I simply can’t afford $200 a month.
    Is there any subsidies available?
    Can msd help with costs?
    At the moment I’m on codine and diazepam, I know cbd would be way better for me , but the cost ????
    So unfair that only rich people can access cbd

    • Cannabis Clinic says:

      Hi Selena. We know CBD can be very expensive in NZ, especially since the recent regulation changes! We try to keep it as affordable as possible for our patients through the Dispensary. We have some information here about different options to explore for help funding medicinal marijuana products – https://cannabisclinic.co.nz/acc-winz-insurance/ If you need any help with your application or understanding the process, don’t be shy to get in touch with us via email or phone (0800 CBD OIL – 0800 223 645)

  17. Tony Hyde says:

    Hi, My wife has ME-CFS, she suffers from Pain in the joints or muscles
    Whole body fatigue, inability to exercise, malaise, confusion, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, excess sleepiness and sleep disturbances, anxiety or apprehension, depression, headache, hyperalgesia, muscle weakness, massive loss of energy, anxiety, and pain.
    Could CBD Oil be of any benefit with these conditions?
    If so what sort of cost would be involved to maintain a suitable dose?
    Thanks for your help
    Tony Hyde

    • Cannabis Clinic says:

      Hi Tony, we’re very sorry to hear that your wife is suffering from ME-CFS. We know it can be a very difficult challenge to navigate. In our clinical experience, we have seen patients manage and improve their symptoms of ME-CFS with the help of medicinal cannabis. We’d love to see your wife for a consultation to see whether medicinal cannabis could be the right next step for her. Book your first consultation here.

      As for cost, dosage depends on each individual but our medicinal cannabis treatment plans start from $3 to $6 per day for each product that is prescribed. Your doctor will work with you to navigate this and prescribe your wife something that will suit your needs and budget. We also have experience applying for financial assistance for treatment and can coach you through this also. Find out more about financial assistance here.

    • Cannabis Clinic says:

      Hi Kirsty, thanks for your query. Unfortunately, taking CBD while breastfeeding is not known to be safe. Once the breastfeeding phase is over, we would be happy to see you and discuss whether CBD could help you. It is likely to be safe but we cannot say so with certainty as there isn’t enough evidence, so for now we’re unable to prescribe it.

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