Latest News About Medicinal Cannabis in NZ

Medicinal cannabis is a hot topic today and there is constant news about the scientific discoveries and regulations of this natural medicine. So much news that it can sometimes be hard to keep up! That is why we have gathered the latest news about medicinal cannabis in New Zealand here for you to read. Below, you will find informative blog articles about approved medicinal cannabis products in New Zealand, medicinal cannabis regulation changes, and what doctors have to say about medicinal cannabis.

Travelling with your medicinal cannabis prescription

If you’ve incorporated medicinal cannabis into your health journey, you may be wondering what the [...]

Changes to Roadside Drug Testing in NZ – Oral Fluid Testing

Police will be able to conduct random roadside drug testing in NZ to detect and [...]


Medical Cannabis and Drug Testing in New Zealand

How long does cannabis stay in your system? Does medicinal cannabis show up in drug [...]

The First NZ-Approved Medicinal Cannabis Flower!

The first medicinal cannabis flower product is now available to prescribe in NZ! Let’s take [...]

Medicinal Cannabis, CBD & Alcohol

The festive season is nearly here, but what’s the deal with drinking alcohol while taking [...]

Changing the Stigma of Medicinal Cannabinoids

The stigma associated with marijuana and CBD oil is damaging to thousands of people around [...]

Medicinal Cannabis Regulation Changes – What these mean for you

October 1st has seen some big regulatory changes for the distribution of medicinal marijuana in [...]

Into the Looking Glass. What the Future Holds for Medicinal Cannabis in New Zealand in 2021

It’s hard to believe that medicinal cannabis was illegal in New Zealand in all shapes [...]


Medicinal Cannabis Prescriptions Up 84% in NZ in 2020

The volume of medicinal cannabis prescribed by doctors in New Zealand is up 84% in [...]


The Real Cost of Medicinal Cannabis in New Zealand – Separating Fact From Fiction

To think that New Zealand currently has readily available and affordable medicinal cannabis products is [...]


Interview With One of New Zealand Leading Cannabis Doctors – Dr Anna Harvey

After treating over 700 patients with medicinal cannabis, including both children and adults, Dr Anna [...]


Taking Medicinal Cannabis to the Forefront of Healthcare in NZ – Dr Waseem’s Journey

Medicinal cannabis is likely to become an integral element of modern medicine, regardless on whether [...]